Activity Report


Wonderful experience in Russia

Kazuki Saito

Division of Material Chemistry, Kanazawa University

Advanced Science and Technology Program

Kazan Federal University

My first study abroad for Russia. In Russia I was able to do various new experiences.
I belonged to the chemical laboratory of Kazan Federal University for about 2 weeks and was doing research. In this laboratory, we mainly conduct research to mix resin with graphene oxide (GO) to improve resin performance.
I belonged to a laboratory that handles macromolecules in Japan, but it was only new things that are unknown even in the same field. What I did was mixing resin and GO in various proportions to create a composite material or mixing resin and GO and mixing various solvents to change properties.

Chemistry building of Kazan Federal University

 Among them, I was impressed with the mechanical strength measurement experiment using dynamic mechanical thermal analyzer (DMTA). As far as the measuring equipment I have been dealing with, most of the compounds are identified and optical measurements are taken, and I have never done the measurement of the properties of the compound itself.

Since I have never done the measurement itself, I took a measurement while trying to teach my colleagues in the laboratory. I gradually became accustomed by doing measurement several times and it became possible to measure by one person alone. I got a good measurement result and I was very happy.
Besides, there were various equipment such as ball mill, tensile test, resin forming equipment etc. It was very fresh.


The most surprising thing is to have a firm plan for research. I think it is natural to make a plan, but I did decide firmly what to do one day in the morning and did it reliably. I felt that the sharpness was done well and that attitude was linked to the research result. I plan to make a firm plan and return to Japan step by step.

Finally, everyone at the Kazan Federal University (KFU) who accepted me well, Thank you very much for all the laboratories who took time to teach me carefully even though I had my own experiment. I had a very valuable experience.
If there is something to go to Russia.