Activity Report


Activities In Altai State University

Nanami Kuraso

School of Law, Kanazawa University

Cultural Exchange Program

Kazan Federal University, Altai State University

On August 29th, I received the lecture about specially protected territories of the Altai region at Altai State University. I learned the system of the conservation of nature in Russia and the differences between the conservation of nature between in Russia and that in Japan.

Lecture in Altai State University

Altai has one of the strictest categories of the protected natural areas. It is called zapovednik. It means that you must not touch absolutely. In this territory, any activities by human beings are never permitted. So if a fire breaks out in zapovednik, people don't fight a fire. But, activities based on purpose of research are permitted. In Japan, I think it is unique because there is not a strict system of the conservation of nature like zapovednik in Japan.

Moreover, Altai protects nature cooperating with countries which are next to Altai. By cooperating, they can improve quality of conservation nature. On the other hand, Japan has no adjoining countries, so we have no choice but to protect our nature by ourselves.

And in Russia, the territories of the conservation of nature are designated after giving information to people in the territories and valuing their opinions. On the contrary, in Japan, the Ministry of the Environment designates the area of the conservation of nature without asking. I think that we should model Russian style when designating the area.

After the lecture, we interacted with Altai State University students. We were divided into some groups and each groups showed Japanese culture. My group showed Japanese calligraphy. Altai students tried to write kanji with a writing brush. It seemed difficult and fun for them to do. I also enjoyed teaching it.

Enjoying doing Japanese calligraphy

I felt that Altai students and teachers were friendly and very earnest. I really appreciate their welcoming us.