Activity Report


For a month in Russia

Shohei Muto

Division of Mechanical Science and Engineering, Kanazawa University

Advanced Science and Technology Program

Kazan Federal University

I visited Russia for the first time.

I'll write about research in Kazan and summer camp. At first  I write about my research in Kazan.

My laboratory in Kazan

I  belonged to Higher School of Information Technologies and Intelligent Systems laboratory. I had to write program to control machine. But I hadn't written program in my research in Japan.

Although it was difficult, my laboratory members helped me. I finished my work thanks to their kindness. I thank them very much.

welcome party 

Next, I'll write about summer camp. I met so many Russian students there. We couldn't talk by language. Because both Japanese students and Russian students don't speak English well. But I enjoyed and understood their culture without language. I learned what is important. I thank them very much.

Someday, I want to visit Russia again.

My brother