Activity Report


Kazan BR

Kotaro Osugi

School of Law, Kanazawa University

Cultural Exchange Program

Kazan Federal University, Altai State University

In Tatarstan, I learned how Russian people coexist with nature. I will introduce three examples. First, there are forests protected by monasteries. People never cut off trees in those areas, because they are sacred. Second, people use animals‘ power to protect nature. In Tatarstan, the number of beavers was decreased 200 years ago. But agriculture was protected by beavers in the area, because they make dams which catch the sediments and prevent them from flowing into the rivers. People got to know this fact and brought beavers from other places. There are more than 70 beavers in Kazan BR now. Third, people never kill animals to make stuffed animals. In a museum, we saw many stuffed animals, but almost all of them died naturally or by accidents. People used their bodies after died. In conclusion, there are many differences between Japan and Russia in how to protect nature. Before I went to Russia, I’m not familiar to biology, because I’m in law faculty. But these experiences made me interested to biology.