Activity Report


Kazan Symposium

Masaki Sakamoto

Division of Natural System, Kanazawa University


Kazan Federal University

I stayed in Kazan, Russia for 4 days, 2 days participated in the symposium, and two days I took a sightseeing tour in Kazan city.

First, at the symposium, professors and students belonging to the Kazan Federal University or Kanazawa University presented their research. It was good that I was able to hear presentations on research in various fields such as chemistry, physics, machinery, information and so on. Especially, the research which is evaluating the performance of the facebook hard disk with the device owned only by Kazan Federal University has a part similar to his own research, so I was very interested. In my poster session, I got a lot of ideas that I had never thought of before, which was meaningful. 

In sightseeing, on the first day I visited monasteries, churches and museums in Sviyazhsk and on the last day I visited the world heritage Kremlin. I was able to learn that the people who live there are strongly religious and mainly living with trees. Also, Western buildings and townscapes have a different beauty from Japan, and I was deeply moved. When I saw the appearance of a customer at a restaurant in Russia, I also learned that the Russian people have a habit of forcibly making a smile. Although it was a short period of 4 days, I thought it was good to have such a valuable experience.