Activity Report


Life in Russian

Tetsuto Takano

Division of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Kanazawa University

Advanced Science and Technology Program

Kazan Federal University

I joined Laboratory of Intelligent Robotic Systems(LIRS) in Kazan Federal University(KFU) for 4 weeks. In LIRS, I created artificial intelligent(AI) which can drive circuit in virtual world. I created the model of car which has a laser to search object and connect with AI. At first, I was a beginner of robotics. So, I could not understand how to connect and control information between the car and AI. But my supervisor taught me a lot and finally, I could complete my task.
In my free time, my laboratory members navigated me the city of Kazan. Building and nature in Kazan city are very beautiful and the street is exiting because there are a lot performer such as musician and drawing. In addition, there are a lot of friendly people and delicious food. I came to like Kazan.
The life in Kazan is interesting and exiting. I want to go to Kazan once again if possible.

my laboratory members and me.