Activity Report


Studied in Russia

Shuhei Takata

Division of Material Chemistry, Kanazawa University

Basic Science Program

Kazan Federal University

I studied at KFU for two weeks and learned so many things through cultural exchange with Russian students and research activities. Also I was able to spend an irreplaceable time with my Russian friends.

【STUDY】I belonged to Institute of Fundamental Medicine and Biology and conducted research on hantavirus. Hantaviruses are single-stranded, enveloped, negative-sense RNA viruses in the Hantaviridae family of the order Bunyavirales, which normally infect rodents where they do not cause disease. Humans may become infected with hantaviruses through contact with rodent urine, saliva, or feces. Some strains cause potentially fatal diseases in humans, such as hantavirus hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (HFRS) and hantavirus pulmonary syndrome (HPS), also known as hantavirus cardiopulmonary syndrome (HCPS), while others have not been associated with known human disease.

In the program of 2 weeks, I conducted PCR, qPCR for hantaviruses genomic analysis. Although qPCR ended without being able to obtain good result due to contamination, I got to study very much. In addition, there was opportunity to touch cell cultures which I don't usually handle, which has become a valuable experience.

【LAB MEMBER】In my study abroad in Russia, I was able to have a very good time with the members of the laboratory. Every morning, when I went to the lab, they always gave me tea or coffee. Also, my birthday was during the study period, and lab members made me a celebration. Russian cake was very sweet and tasty. Thank you.

【SIGHTSEEING】There were many historically precious buildings in Kazan, which were very beautiful streets. On a holiday, we visited the world heritage Kremlin with friends and strolled along Baumann street. It was a good opportunity to touch Russian-Kazan culture. In addition, there was a big river and fountain near the laboratory, walking around in the waiting time of the experiment, it became a good refreshment.

【CONCLUSION】Through my study abroad, I am very pleased to have many Russian friends.
Everyone, thank you very much.