Activity Report


Symposium at Kazan Federal University

Sotaro Kamakura

Division of Material Chemistry, Kanazawa University


Kazan Federal University

The symposium with Kazan Federal University was became meaningful time for me.

In the symposium, some classes, short presentations, and poster sessions were carried out for 2 days. In the first day, I made short presentation and showed a poster of my research field.

Since the mother tongue of each other was different, the discussion with students at Kazan Federal University gave me a new experience and I learned a lot.

picture of poster session

During sightseeing of Kazan city, I was able to see actual Russian Federation from local cuisine, culture, buildings and people.

picture of Kazan Kremlin

At last, I would like to express my gratitude to faculty members, staff and students in Kazan Federal University and Kanazawa University who gave me this wonderful experience.