Activity Report


The study in Russia

Minako Namihira

School of General Education, Kanazawa University

Cultural Exchange Program

Kazan Federal University, Altai State University

This was my first trip to Russia. I had so much fun and leaned a lot of things.
All places we went to are great but I would like to tell about Kazan. People live with nature and preserve their traditional cultures there.
Sviyashsk, a little island, has unique history and there are some old buildings. Many visitors come there every day so local people sell their traditional food or souvenirs, and they make live by them. It was a very beautiful and interesting island.

Next day, we went to Raifa. There are separated three part, Asian, America, and European. In addition, some different types of landscape are created artificially so you can observe many kinds of plants.
Then, we met young guys who committed a crime and work in the forest.
They said spending time in the forest changed them and they are so happy to work for plants or trees.

We also visit Down Kama. Some visitors do not understand value of the nature so they throw away the trash or ride in the forest by their car. To prevent that, staff make some fence or put rocks.
After walked in the forest, we went down in the sea. Actually, it is not sea now but was long time ago. I felt very strange and realized human is a little part of the earth.

By visiting these places, I leaned that some people destroy the nature but some people protect it. I think there are more people who protect nature than who destroy in Kazan. It is because that Kazan has rich and beautiful nature. I hope it spread around the world.