Activity Report


What I learned in Russia

Kiko Yamaguchi

School of Teacher Education, Kanazawa university

Cultural Exchange Program

Kazan Federal University, Altai State University

I visited Russia in August 22 to September 3. During this trip, I learn about protection of nature and coexisting with nature. Russia has great nature and nice landscape, so I was inspired by that. I think it is good effort to protect nature that making the areas people can't enter and investigating the areas. To protect the nature it is necessary to know the change. I think such some ideas can use about Japanese environmental issues. Especially, I think tourism in aguriculuture is very unique idea. I heard some famiries often participate in this program to teach their children about nature. If we produce such a this plan, some rural areas which has few young people will be revitalized. And depopulation will improve. To coexist with nature we have to save not only nature but also human. It is the same in Japan. I want to use some things what I learned in Russia to improve Japan.