Activity Report


What I tried to do in the joint-symposium

Asahi Isobe

Division of Material Chemistry, Kanazawa University


Kazan Federal University

The main goal of this symposium is to train the researchers in the field of natural science who can create a new value by each knowledge and techniques when we, Russian and Japanese researchers, cooperate with each other. Although I felt a bit complicated for this conception of the symposium I figured I could keep my research in minds of the participants. So I set my main goal for this symposium as presenting my research to be memorable for every participant who has a quite different field of research. In this report, I am gonna describe what I tried to do for achieving this goal.

Firstly, I prepared for presentation of my research (it was 3 minutes talk for poster session) with much less technical terms than that for a normal chemistry conference. That means I chose words understandable for the person who doesn’t know chemistry so much as much as I can. Why? Because people are much more likely to understand content without the terms which they don’t know. It was tough to prepare the explanation without technical words but I managed it by asking some students not really relate to organic chemistry to correct my explanation.

Secondly, I tried to emphasize the most important messages in my short presentation. I actually spoke with slow pitches, loud voice and some body languages. I considered these strategies could work well for the presentation because the people influenced by western countries get used to talking in these kinds of ways aside from language.

Finally, I explained my research to use some examples which help the other participants understand at the poster session. For example, I used “keys” and “key’s hall” to explain the core mechanism of my research topics. Also, I tried to state why we are conducting this research topic for audiences because it is kind of the most important things to make them remember our research topics which are my main goal in this symposium.

In conclusion, I tried to give the explanation of my research easily understandable for the participants to intentionally use the ways which I normally don’t care about at this presentation. Some of the listeners seemed to understand my main idea and said “your research was really memorable”, so as far as I know, my main goal in this symposium was achieved. I suppose that I definitely can be in these kinds of a situation such as you meet people from the apparently different field and must discuss your research topics. So now I can say I would manage them because of this experience in Kazan.

I would like to thank every professor, international affair’s officers and students in both Kanazawa and Kazan Federal University for giving us such a valuable experience. I will be very motivated to promote this program if I can do something for the foundation of it. So if you need me to make additional things or do something, don’t hesitate to ask me. Thank you very much. Спасибо. ありがとうございました。

You can see the photo I was presenting.