Kanazawa University has had a long relationship with Russia, and we have 12 partner institutions in Russia at present. Since our exchange program was selected by MEXT for the Inter-university Exchange Project this year, we started a new program entitled “Training Program for Russia-Japan Innovative Leaders of Tomorrow.” This program is based on the education and research exchange activities that we have carried out in the past. We aim to produce globally minded human resources, and to establish a world-class research center that will be open to both the local community and the world. I am sure that this program will play an important role in promoting the globalization of our university.

Although Japan and Russia are geographically close, exchanges between our two countries have not developed to a satisfactory extent. Our university has been carrying out research exchanges with Russian universities, which have involved many fields, including physics, environmental science, cranial nerve science and cancer medical science. Now, we will start to promote education and research exchange in a variety of multi-layered fields such as culture, basic science, advanced science and technology and advanced medicine, in collaboration with municipal governments and private companies. In the future, we will develop our exchange program to include the local community, and deepen the relationship between Japan and Russia according to medium- and long-term development plans.

We hope to receive your continued understanding and support.

Koetsu Yamazaki
President of Kanazawa University