Activity Report


Bridge to the next generation!!

Kentaro Morimoto

Division of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Kanazawa University

Advanced Science and Technology Program

Kazan Federal University

In this program, I conducted research training and form a community with international students including Russia, Pakistan, Iran and Egypt. It was quite nice experience for me to get a way of thinking, called "Diversity" because Japan is island and isolated from other countries long time, so we're not good at thinking of diversity very well. Before going to Russia, I had some prejudices against foreign culture and people or something like that. But, when one first met with them, I abandoned this kind of thinking because almost things was different from that I had imagined about working time, impression of Japan and discussion style. Especially about discussion style, I immediately changed my style about self-assertion because their discussion proceeds at a fast pace and I couldn't say my idea at the begining. I also knew the importance of respecting diversity to progress discussions smoothly. I had many experiences that I had never got before in Japan about not only academic knowledge but also new idea that doubts common sense. On the other hand, I became interested in studying as Ph.D. student because they engaged in high level research about "Thin Film Synthesis and Analysis" which is very interesting for me and invited me as Ph.D. student. I also introduced latest research at Kanazawa University to attract their interest and they said that they want to study at Kanazawa if they have a chance in the future. I hope that this program will grow up to make good relation between Russia and Japan, and then we may exchange the student to improve technologies for each countries.