Activity Report


Impression of research and life in Kazan

Mika Kannami

Division of Natural System, Kanazawa University

Advanced Science and Technology Program

Kazan Federal University

I will talk about my experieces that I paticipated in the Russian short-term study abroad program for two weeks. It was only two weeks, however I was able to learn a lot.

About Research

I could not finish one program, but instead I could experienced and looked on various research. Especially I learned about polymerase chain reaction(PCR) that method of copying a very small amount of DNA in large quantities. I did not have any knowledge about it, so these tasks were difficult for me. However my supervisor teached me carefully and I was able to understand.

And I was surprised at living in the laboratory. They enjoyed tea time every day. This custom was rare and elegant time for us. I think that it should be adopted to Japan.

My lab members in Kazan univ

Tea time with lab members

During PCR experiment

About Life

In Kazan, the weather was very good and tempereture was best for us. Therefore, I could walk around the city every day. There were a lot of good place, especially I liked the landscpe of fountain near my laboratory. It was a place to heal during research.

And I tried to eat various dishes including tradditional foods. I was surprised that there were several foods made with rice. It was almost tasty, but the sweet seasonings were not tasty, for example boiled with milk. However almost Kazan food is cheap and tasty, so I recommend. 

My favorite view

Fried rice (Like Chahan)

Guvadia(?), Sweet with rice and raisn inside

I  was able to experience lots of things in two weeks and I was able to spend fun in Russian life.

Thank you very much for all the members who spent together, Kanazawa University and Kazan University who supported this program.