Activity Report


Kazan symposium

Takuya Yoshimura

Division of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Kanazawa University


Kazan Federal University

I attended a symposium at Kazan Federal University. Kazan symposium was held for 2 days. I listened to the presentations and poster presentations made by students and professors at Kazan Federal University, Kanazawa University and Shinshu University. I also made a short presentation and poster presentation. I could discuss my research at poster session and I got advices and comments. Students in various fields attended the Kazan symposium, and there were many interesting presentations and posters. I enjoyed discussing my research with many students at Kazan Federal University.

Short presentation

This was my first trip to Russia and I enjoyed sightseeing in Kazan. I visited Sviyazhsk Town-Island and Kazan Kremlin. I thought that buildings of Russia is more beautiful than Japan. It was an exciting experience to visit Russia.

Sviyazhsk Town-Island

Kazan Kremlin

I would like to express my appreciation to all staff and students in Kazan Federal University, Kanazawa University and Shinshu University for this opportunity. Спасибо!