The Signing Ceremony for MoU on the Establishment of the Consortium for Academic Exchange between Russia and Ishikawa and the Commemorative Symposium Takes Place


 On July 16, 2019, the signing ceremony for MoU on the establishment of the consortium for academic exchange between Russia and Ishikawa and its commemorative symposium took place at Hoenji Temple in Kanazawa, and approximately 100 people participated. The establishment of this consortium is one of the important policies in the “Inter-University Exchange Project -Training Program for Russia-Japan Innovative Leaders of Tomorrow-” adopted by MEXT in August 2017. On the occasion of the conclusion of the MoU, it is expected that the constituent universities of Ishikawa University Consortium and 8 universities of Russian University Consortium work together to expand the student interaction between them.
 The signing ceremony was witnessed by Mr. Mikhail A. Sergeev, consul-general from the Consulate-General of Russia in Niigata, Mr. Takayoshi Kato from Ishikawa prefectural government, and Mr. Shigeto Matsuda from Kanazawa City Hall. After the speeches from Dr. Koetsu Yamazaki, President of Kanazawa University, and Prof. Dmitrii Tayurskii, Vice-Rector of Kazan Federal University, Mr. Sergeev offered a congratulatory speech on behalf of the guests.
 The commemorative symposium “Japanese-Russian University Cooperation to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)”took place after the signing ceremony. Twelve faculty members from Russian and Japanese universities gave presentations on their research on the theme of SDGs. Russian students who participated in the cultural exchange program also gave a group presentation. The presentations covered a wide variety of topics. The symposium closed in success and it stimulated the future expansion of academic exchange between Japan and Russia.       

Signing ceremony for MoU                        Student presentation                Delegates from Russian universities